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Bison Facts

Bison mature later than cattle, breeding  at 2 years of age with a gestation period of 275 days. 


Calving problems are rare, as calves are quite small when they are born.  Calves are red when they are born until about 3-4 months.  They begin to forage when they are just one day old.

Bison have similar eyesight to cattle, but do not see well at night.  They soon learn the sound of your voice or their food source.


Some Interesting facts about Bison

Bison have been called the most important wild animals in the development of North America. They were the centre of life of the Plains Indians, providing them with food, clothing, shelter and much of their culture Bison also sustained the lives of the explorers and settlers going west.

By the late 1800's Bison were close to extinction. Through efforts of early conservationists and ranchers who knew the value of Bison, they are no longer an endangered species. They now number over 200,000 in North America. The only red meat that is non-allergenic.

Bison appear slow and awkward, but can outrun and easily outmanoeuvre most horses. They are able to pivot on both their hind and front feet. They are normally quite docile, but will not hesitate to react if they feel threatened.

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