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Farm-Raised Bison

Bouverie Farm, Bison meat


It tastes wonderful...Most people consider Bison to be the most full flavour meat they have ever tasted, with a more sweeter and richer flavour than beef.  It's not 'gamey' or wild tasting, just naturally flavourful and tender.It tastes great by itself and will enhance your favourite recipe.

Healthy Eating

Comparisons of the nutritional values of Bison have shown that Bison Meat is low in fat and calories and high in protein and nutrients.


On a cost comparison, Bison falls into the Gourmet category. The value of the Bison is not what you pay, but it is what you get in return. With 35% more protein than beef you eat a third less to satisfy your appetite. Nutritionally, you are getting more protein and nutrients for less.......less fat, less calories and less cholesterol. The protein is more complete because the meat has a good distribution of amino acids.

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