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Bison Cooking Tips

How to Cook Bison meat

Bison may be used with any of your favorite beef recipes if you remember a few basic tips.

Lower Temperature

Because there is minimal fat content, high temperatures are not

needed and only serve to dry and scorch the meat.


Beware - DO NOT overcook. When grilling or frying baste well.


When grilling bison steaks, move your grill pan a notch lower than

normal. Check your meat a few moments sooner than usual and

baste well. Turn sooner than usual.




If you normally roast your beef at 325°F/165°C turn the oven down to 275°F/140°C for bison. It will take the same time as a comparable beef roast. A beef thermometer is useful to indicate the internal temperature


It is useful to note that fresh bison will keep for longer in your refrigerator than other meats because of the low fat content.


Bison burgers will cook faster than beef burgers as they are much leaner than beef. Brush with oil or sauce to prevent drying. There is virtually no shrinkage with bison.

Minced Bison

Minced bison is leaner than beef but there is no need to add fat to keep it from sticking.


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